Women’s Winter Lunch
  • 26 Fenchurch Rd
    Aldgate SA 5154

  • Trinity Hills Ministry Centre

Women’s Winter Lunch

Winter is here! Frosty mornings, wood fires, bare trees. Do you enjoy winter in the Hills and the change in activities?

After a busy term, I’m sure many of us are looking forward to a little hibernation in July!

But wouldn’t it be great to prepare for the winter break by having an opportunity first to catch up with all the women of Trinity Hills and hear what God has been doing amongst us in these past few months?

As we share our individual lessons and experiences of God with each other, we’ll grow in our knowledge of God and in our relationships, we’ll be encouraged, inspired and challenged, and God will be glorified!

Please come along!

RSVP by 25th June. Cost $10.