What We Believe

What We Believe

Trinity Church Aldgate, as an evangelical Anglican church, is committed to both preaching and living the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. “The 39 Articles of Religion” is our statement of faith.

In brief…

We believe that God created a perfect world and created humans for a relationship with him.

All humans choose to reject God and his authority. This is called sin. Sin is the ultimate “declaration of independence” from God. Sin stops us enjoying the relationship with God for which we were created and makes us liable for God’s judgment.

The consequence of sin is death and separation from God’s blessing and a relationship with him forever.

Jesus, who is God the Son, never sinned, but died in our place, taking the punishment for sin we deserve. He freely offers us forgiveness for our sins through faith in him.

There is no one who is “good” enough to overcome their own sin and get to God by their own merit. There is no one so “bad” that Jesus can’t win forgiveness for them.

If we trust in Jesus for forgiveness and live under his rule, we are made right with God and are no longer separated from him – in fact, we enjoy a relationship with God for eternity.