Slum Survivor

Slum Survivor

This September Basement will participate in Slum Survivor, a simulation experience designed to:

  • help people get a taste of what life might be like in a slum
  • reflect on God’s concern for the poor
  • start thinking about how they can respond

The youth will arrive and have to build their own slum house which will be home for a day. All meals, sleeping and challenges will take place at the slum along with workshops and daily devotions. Sounds easy?

Participants will split into families and each family needs to support itself. They will need to work hard making paper bags to sell which will hopefully supply them with enough money to buy some lentils and rice for a twice a day meal. Along with making paper bags there wll be several challenges throughout the weekend designed to simulate some of the choices and conditions faced by those who live in slums. These challenges are sometimes physical and hard work, but your family may be rewarded with extra bedding or other luxury items.

It’s a tough time – participants will be tired, hungry and smelly! It’s a great way to get a small glimpse of what life is like for 1 billion people around the world. It is also a chance for us to engage the wider community attending the festival in a very visual and impacting way.

On Saturday night there will be a Quiz Night raising funds for TEAR Australia.