Sex, The Gospel & The Teenage Years
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Sex, The Gospel & The Teenage Years

Who teaches your children about sex?

Our young people have the challenge of grasping and holding firm to a God-honouring view of sex, while being constantly bombarded with contradicting messages.

As a church, while we recognise that parents have the ultimate responsibility in this area, we want to support our youth as best we can. Which is why we are hosting an event called Sex, The Gospel & The Teenage Years, on Saturday July 20, featuring two talks from Dr Patricia Weerakoon, a respected Christian sexologist.

The first talk (5.30-6.30pm) will be on the topic of bringing up teenaged children in a sexualised world. It is intended for current and future parents (or grandparents!) of teenagers.

The second talk (6.30-7.30pm) is for those aged 12-17 years, and seeks to explore whether God’s intention for sex is truly more satisfying than the world’s perspective.

We will run a bbq dinner from 5.30-6.30pm for all youth members attending the 6.30 talk, and have a shared supper together after 7.30pm.

It’s an opportunity for both parents and teenagers to receive biblical (and expert medical) teaching on a very relevant topic.

Sex is a wonderful gift from God that is so easily corrupted, and I pray that God uses this event to equip our families to together understand it the way God intended.

Please RSVP by email to Mark Curran and specify whether you are able to bring a plate of supper.